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Vera Jones
Motivational Keynote Speaker & Author

People sometimes ask me what I do as a Motivational Speaker. I say, “It's always my goal to help others to become empowered to fulfill their goals." Ultimately I help individuals, organizations, schools, sports teams, churches and various corporate and small businesses develop the mindset and the strategies to overcome adversity and passionately pursue their purpose. It's long been said I have the "gift of gab," and therefore people assume I do this with ease. I think it's more accurate to say "I do it with “E’s!”


Yes! E's! In leadership and in life in general, we are only as EFFECTIVE or EFFICIENT as we are EMPOWERED, ENLIGHTENED, ENCOURAGED, EMPATHIC, and ENTHUSED! Speaking only comes easy to me because I try to exhibit these E’s as a communicator and I’m always teaching and helping others to embrace these same characteristics to achieve success. I’m committed to doing all things with “E’s” in my endeavors to educate and inspire diverse audiences everywhere. Whether I am called upon as a motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, a communication coach, a stage performer, or a television/radio broadcaster, I absolutely love what I do because it’s all done with “E’s!”


What Makes Vera Special?

A marketing strategist once asked me, “What makes you different? What separates your style from any other motivational speaker or trainer?” This I found to be a great question. I guess that’s why he made the big bucks! I knew I could say that I had a gift or knack for speaking to large groups of people. However, as intimidating as public speaking can be, tons of folks can say the same thing. I had always quipped that I’m real. I’m funny. And quite often I’m real funny. But everyone nowadays thinks he or she is a comedian, so there’s not a whole lot of uniqueness in stating that either. So I think the answer may lie in the words of a former ESPN executive I once worked for who said, “You have a gift, a natural presence that makes people feel like they are having a deep conversation and a cup of coffee with their favorite sister or best friend.” “Wow!” I thought! “No wonder I love to hear myself talk!”

I think that’s it. That’s the connection I thrive on as a communicator because I believe that sister or best friend will tell you the hard truths, offer you new perspectives, emphatically understand your challenges, and encourage you to do your best to be your best. She will share how she has fought to overcome her fair share of adversity so that you may be inspired to overcome yours. The way this sister and best friend sees it, everyone has a story. Some of us just happen to either be brave enough, gifted enough, or crazy enough to stand up and tell it so that it might meaningfully impact others. What makes me special is I am just enough of all three!

I’m Vera Jones, and I’m a Faith-filled Motivational Speaker. I’m empowered with the belief that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary accomplishments. I also believe effective, empathic communication is the key to building meaningful relationships and successful businesses. I’m a living testimony that life is full of adversity, and how we choose to overcome our challenges most deeply defines our strength of character. I will challenge you to take a good look in the mirror and see if your “purpose” is staring back. I fulfill my purpose every time I motivate you to passionately pursue yours.

So Click Here and let’s get better acquainted! Life has many obstacles. Getting in touch with me to empower your team or speak for your next event should not be one of them!




Topics and Themes

Vera continuously educates and inspires diverse audiences for personal and professional development seminars; association conventions; educational empowerment sessions; corporate leadership workshops; communication training; team building; athletic motivational workshops; Christian seminars; women's and African American special interest conferences; diversity forums, book clubs and signings, youth programs and so much more! Her penchant for captivating audiences lies in her genuineness, insightfulness and her ability to make presentations interactive and fun.  Vera is most sought after for themes related to Overcoming Adversity, Leadership, Communication Strategies and overall Unity, Motivation and Empowerment for Success. Here are just a few of her Keynote speaker topics:

  • Play Through the Foul (Overcoming Adversity and Winning at the Game of Life)

  • The Only Sun (A Youth/Adult Empowerment Ministry on Being Uniquely Created)

  • New Best Friend (An Inspirational Lesson on Vision and Faith)

  • I GOT IT!! (A Humorous Presentation of the Power of Empathy and Significance)

  • Passionately Play Your Position (Perspectives on Valuing Your Role, Living in the Now)

  • P.E.T.E.R. (A Christian Leadership Model)

  • Leadership "6-S" (Principles for Empathic Leadership and Inspired Living)

  • The True Champions 30-Day Challenge(A Ministry for Spiritual Self Improvement)




Vera's Books!


Basketball Lessons for the Game of Life
Vera’s first and best selling book is an inspirational memoir filled with self-help strategies for overcoming adversity and winning at the game of life!



A Little Book of Faith
A poetic tale becomes a divine cure for a single mother's most difficult personal trial. A must-have reminder about the power of FAITH!



Inspired by Vera's
"Only Son" this is not just a
Children's Book but a life
lesson for everyone to
embrace the significance in
being unique, and to be a
good friend to those who
may have lost their shine.



Spiritual Preparation for the Game of Your Life
AJ Ali and Vera Jones reated
a Christian Devotional of Sports Motivation to help Bring out the True Champion God created you to be!



and Affiliations:

National Speaker’s Association

Federal Government Contractor

Society of Human Resources Management

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