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Vera is the author of Play Through the Foul, New Best Friend, and co-author of The True Champion’s 30 Day Challenge (with AJ Ali). Vera is quick to advise that her name means “faith” as well as “truth” and thrives to reflect those virtues in all of her inspirational writings and speeches. She is always seeking ways to motivate readers to overcome adversity through preparation, perseverance and faith that victory is indeed achievable. Be sure to check out her newest literary work, her first children’s book, The Only Sun!  

Play Through The Foul - Workplace Team Building

Play Through the Foul Book
Basketball Lessons for the Game of Life

Adversity knows no prejudice…Everyone gets fouled in the game of life. Grounded with this observation, Vera presents the life-changing concept of Play Through the Foul. This is NOT a basketball book merely for sports enthusiasts. It is a LIFE book for people who are enthusiastic about living their best life possible. Whether you are pursuing growth personally or professionally, this is a must read guaranteed to make you laugh a little, cry a little and be empowered to live a lot! Vera creatively weaves a collection of true stories into eight coaching concepts that will help you develop the winner’s mindset to overcome setbacks and challenges to achieve the success you most desire:

• Know It’s A Contact Sport
• Get In Shape, Stay In Shape
• Be Coachable
• Handle the Ball
• Make the Assist
• Rebound Relentlessly
• Passionately Play Your Position
• Defend Your Goal

“I’ve had my fair share of adversity and challenges, so I get it - there is nothing fun about being fouled! But there is something very rewarding in playing through the foul and overcoming your obstacles. I liken it to scoring the extra free throw that wins the game! My ultimate goal is to fulfill my purpose of being an encourager and a motivator. So I commit myself through my speaking, through my writing and through humor and good works to assist others to focus on their goals and Play Through the Foul to win. In accomplishing this, I win too! ~ Vera Jones


New Best Friend- A little book of faith

New Best Friend Book
A Little Book of Faith

“When my son Andrew was 12 years old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As a single parent I thought I had grown pretty resilient to managing challenging life situations. But nothing could have prepared me for the news I received one fateful morning in March – nothing except a little voice of Faith that spoke to me from a timely poem God placed in my spirit. It was a poetic tale about a woman who discovers life with her two so-called friends Worry and Doubt has been less than joyful or productive. Things suddenly turn around upon meeting an awesome new friend named Faith who encourages her to "Stop hanging out with Worry and Doubt and make Faith your New Best Friend." I came to realize this message wasn’t just meant for me, but for anyone and everyone in need of a little faith. This is a motivational poem you will want to read over and over again.” – Vera Jones

Value priced at only $5.99, New Best Friend makes an excellent inspirational gift for anyone in need of a little faith!

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The Only Sun
(A Children’s Book with a message that’s not just for kids!)

Sometimes life can feel sad and lonely. This can happen when we think of ourselves as being “different.” We all want to fit in somehow. In those lonely moments, it helps to have a voice, like a little bird, to remind us that we are special, beautiful and important. This book is that voice! It is a fun, poetic story starring the bright sun, a wise bird, and the trees, to help you feel good about being unique. Given as a gift, it is the perfect voice of encouragement for that special someone who may have lost his or her shine!

Vera Jones has written her first children’s book with a message of significance and purpose designed to last! May you always remember, “It’s alright to be bright!”

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True Champion's 30 Day Challenge

The True Champion's
30-Day Challenge

Spiritual Preparation for the Game of Your Life

The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge is both a Christian Devotional and an invitation to anyone seeking to energize their mind, body and spirit. Read insightful sports-based devotions and put the simple action steps to work. You will be challenged to adopt a winner’s mentality to replace bad habits with good habits that will propel you into living a successful and meaningful life. Take the challenge today and transform your life in 30 days!

“I’m buying the first 100 copies for my team. This is an excellent resource – clear, applicable, well written! AJ and Vera have written one of the most significant and useful devotionals I’ve seen in a long time.”

~ Rod Hairston, Team Chaplain, Baltimore Ravens-NFL
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