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Trust Your Vision and Play Through the Foul!

Discover Your Purpose Then Change Your Life

I’m Vera Jones, and I’m a Faith-filled Motivational Speaker. I’m empowered with the belief that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary accomplishments. I also believe effective, empathic communication is the key to building meaningful relationships and successful businesses. I’m a living testimony that life is full of adversity, and how we choose to overcome our challenges most deeply defines our strength of character. I will challenge you to take a good look in the mirror and see if your “purpose” is staring back. I fulfill my purpose every time I motivate you to passionately pursue yours.

So click here and let’s get better acquainted! Life has many obstacles. Getting in touch with me to empower your team or speak for your next event should not be one of them!

Highly Sought After Speaker

Vera Jones was best known as a Women’s Basketball Commentator for ESPN, and the Big Ten Network, until October 27, 2017 when a Goalcast video instantly went viral with over 32 Million views. She gained global recognition and demand by sharing her inspirational message crafted from her own life challenges. Vera Jones is on a mission to uplift the world with the power of faith, vision, unity, perseverance, and purpose. Adversity is a foul that can blind us all. Vera is living proof you still can win, if you just find the courage to trust your vision and play through the foul.

"Trust Your Vision and Play Through the Foul!”

Brilliant Author

With 4 published titles to her credit, Vera Jones has cultivated a meaningful relationship with readers across the country. From personal insights to talking with animals, Vera captures attention by creating vivid real-life imagery to which anyone can relate. Together with her powerful messages, Vera finds a way to deliver in prose as she does on stage.

  • Play Through the Foul


    Adversity knows no prejudice…Everyone gets fouled in the game of life. Grounded with this observation, Vera presents the life-changing concept of Play Through the Foul. This is NOT a basketball book merely for sports enthusiasts. It is a LIFE book for people who are enthusiastic about living their best life possible. Whether you are pursuing growth personally or…

  • New Best Friend


    “When my son Andrew was 12 years old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As a single parent I thought I had grown pretty resilient to managing challenging life situations. But nothing could have prepared me for the news I received one fateful morning in March – nothing except a little voice of Faith that spoke to me from a timely poem God placed in my spirit…”

  • The Only Sun


    Sometimes life can feel sad and lonely. This can happen when we think of ourselves as being “different.” We all want to fit in somehow. In those lonely moments, it helps to have a voice, like a little bird, to remind us that we are special, beautiful and important. This book is that voice! It is a fun, poetic story starring the bright sun, a wise bird, and…

  • The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge


    The True Champion’s 30-Day Challenge is both a Christian Devotional and an invitation to anyone seeking to energize their mind, body, and spirit. Read insightful sports-based devotions and put the simple action steps to work. You will be challenged to adopt a winner’s mentality to replace bad habits with good habits that will propel you into living a successful…

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